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DermWeb Web Teaching
Online dermatology training by the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at the University of British Columbia, including 10 content-rich modules: The Language of Dermatology, The Pathology of Dermatologic Conditions, an image atlas, Inflammatory Dermatoses, Dermatologic Lookalikes, Acneiform Disorders, Hair & Nail & Mucous Membranes, Principles of Skin Therapy, Skin Cancer, and Skin Infections & Infestations.
Mole Melanoma Information Site
A minisite that has been designed to help members of the public and the general medical community increase their awareness of the changes in moles that could indicate the development of cancerous changes known as malignant melanoma, with 19 photographic examples and an explanation of the ABCD's detections.
practical management of hair loss
Practical Management of Hair Loss
A 12 page minisite from the Hair Research & Treatment Centre with an overview on the different types of hair loss, hair shaft abnomalities, scarring, causes, and treatment of common hair disorders.
optimal therapy
Optimal Therapy in Skin Disorders
This case study workshop in dermatology is designed to address a number of the educational needs of practising physicians involved in the management of common skin disorders. Using practice-based, interactive techniques, the program explores several key themes and issues in contemporary dermatology management.
laser info
Lion's Laser Skin Centre Laser Information
Five information articles on lasers are provided: Laser Safety and the Eye, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), PDT for Psoriasis Handout, PDT for Psoriasis Article,and Seeing the Light: New Laser Therapy.
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dull razor
DermWeb DullRazor
DullRazor is a free Windows and Unix program that removes hair from images of moles and lesions.
Journal Archives
skin therapy letter
Skin Therapy Letter
DermWeb hosts the full text versions of Skin Therapy Letter volume 1 to 4, a physician newsletter devoted to dermatology research, treatment, and advances.
journal of cutanrous medicine & surgery
Journal of Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery
DermWeb hosts the abstracts from Volume 1-4 of the Journal, from the years 1996-2000. JCSM is now being hosted at Springerlink.
CME Archives
Continuing Medical Education
Partial listing of previous CME courses for the Department of Dermatology, with course descriptions, objectives, and full programs for the meetings.
Meeting Archives
cda-acd 2000
CDA-ACD 2000 Meeting
22 page archived minisite devoted to the 2000 CDA-ACD Meeting, with full program listings, meeting timetable, and information in English and French.
ipa 2001
IPA 8th World Congress of Photodynamic Medicine 2001
Dermweb archives a 16 page minisite archiving the 2001 World Congress held in Vancouver, complete with schedule, program features, exhibitors, and poster information.
derm update 1996
Dermatology Update 1996
Derm Update has now been going strong for over 20 years - this was the first that had a web presence, and it was hosted by UBC. It is presented here for interest purposes to show what the community was discussing 10 years ago.

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